Urological problems such as stones in the kidney, urine tube, etc  are fairly common in a tropical country such as India. Its imperative for the public to be aware of the signs and symptoms of such problems since the detection of the problem will minimise the damage to the kidney and prevent the complications. The common symptoms are burning sensation during urination, fever with chills, blood in the urine, recurrent pain in the abdominal flanks etc. Patients with such signs should consult a doctor immediately.  We in Abhijay offer excellent treatment for such patients at relatively cheaper cost. We have a team of dedicated urological consultants   who have showed great result for patients with such problems. We have state of the art equipment used to break the stones and modern operation theatre with all safety devices available at service.Another common urological problem we face is the enlargement of prostate in the elderly people,Since the aging population is on the rise.The common symptoms include frequency of urination, diffiuclty in passing  urine, imcomplete emptying etc. Surgery is the ultimate method of management  for very severe cases and mild cases can be managed with pills. We in abhijay have laser technology for such surgeries which are relatively painless and risk free available at a lower cost.