Teenage Gynaecology Issues

Are you suffering from various gynaec issues?

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Teenage Gynaecology Issues

Menstrual period is a common process happening in matured girls.

  • The age of maturation in girls is between is 12 to 14. But in some cases it may come at 9 or after 16 and periods life cycle may repeat  for every 28 to 35 days.
  • The normal duration of period is 4-7 days.But for some it may long upto 10 days.

If these mentioned normal situations fluctuates, it is commonly referred to as Abnormal Periods. Varying  volume and pattern of blood flow during menstrual cycle and, absence of menstrual periods are the conditions of this. Influence of hormone, heavy eating, stress in day to day life, and some other medical issues may cause abnormal periods. Medical advice is required.

Pain during menstrual periods is one among related worries faced by the adolescent girls.This problem is faced not only by the teenagers but also for the women in all age group.

Mainly Painful periods can be classified into two:

  • Primary dysmenorrhea is  common among healthy women in teenage group. This will long only up to four days.
  • Secondary dysmenorrhea is mainly due to some problems in uterus or pelvic, in which some sort of medical treatment is required.

For everyone causes for painful periods  may be different. Fibroids, Stress and anxiety, female reproductive organ infected by bacteria, Sexualy transmitted infection are some of the reasons for painful period. To certain extend Primary dysmenorrhea can be solved through slight massage in abdomen with the fingertips, bending knee while lying down, placing heating pad in lower abdomen, taking bath with lukewarm water etc. If the problem remain unresolved medical treatment is prefered by the doctors.

Heavy Bleeding  is also another issue faced by teenage girls.  Gynaecologists says that it is a common situation that they are going through, it is manageable and regular when the body  develops. If the bleeding continue longer than seven days and if the pad is to be changed for every two hours etc may be due to certain problems such as Hormonal Imbalance, Ovarian Dysfunction, Polyps, Inherited Disorders, Certain Medications, Other Medical Issues.

Doctors says that actually girls don’t know what’s happening. For some it may be a normal case, while for others it is very difficult to handle those situation.Sometimes there will be certain reasons for such problems. Additional test is required for the unresolved problems.

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