Pain Clinic / Painless Delivery (Labor) / Anesthesia

People who have to undergo surgery are scared of it due to one single factor –PAIN. Anaesthetists are god send for such patients for, they not only ensure painless surgery but also alleviate post- operative pain. Anaesthesia is one single field which has made rapid strides in a short span of time with improving technology and invention of modern drugs. Now it is possible for the patients to control the dose of the drugs they get depending on the intensity of pain .It is called patient controlled analgesia (PCA). PCA is widely used now in India and it not only relieves patients of pain but also reduces morbidity and results in fast recovery.
      Labour analgesia is another significant breakthrough in the field of Anaesthesia.  Since ages, labour pain is considered as the most severe pain a married woman can encounter but by modern method of epidural anaesthesia which is injecting a small quantity of local anaesthetic in to a space called epidural space in the back its totally possible to have a painless delivery without affecting the normal process of delivery. This method has become so effective that it is called walking epidural (i.e. ) patient can walk even after the administration of  epidural anaesthesia  but will not feel the pain of delivery.
       We, in Abhijay hospital have a great team of enthusiastic Anaesthetists who cherish working on challenging and interesting cases. We have done innumerable number of high risk cases in coordination with surgeons with excellent outcome.  Patients who are very old ( above 80 yrs) , who have suffered heart attack or have abnormal heart function , who have kidney or liver disease , who have some serious systemic illness other than mentioned above  all come  under high risk category.
        We regularly administer labour analgesia to patients who request for it with great success and at very reasonable cost and most of those patients undergo normal delivery too,  quelling misconceptions about the increased chance of caesarean section in patients who undergo labour analgesia.