With the increasing trends of diabetes and hypertension and  with modern stressful life style and fast food culture, kidney disease has become the most dreaded disease afflicting our society. Kidney disease is a silent killer since most of the times patients may not be aware of it and usually diagnosed on master health checkups which signifies the importance of such checkups for everybody in the population who have crossed 40 yrs. Patients who havent been diagnosed with kidney disease earlier end up in kidney failure which will require regular dialysis or even transplant. Such patients usually present with reduced urination in amount as well as frequency, excess fluid accumulation in the body( edema),excess salt accumulation in the body , breathlessness due to fluid acculation in the lungs, irregular heartbeats due to excess of pottasium due to lack of filtration by the kidney.Abhijay hospital has been doing a stellar service to patients with kidney disease in the area by establishing a low cost   dialysis centre handled by an efficient and methodical nephrologist Dr. Thirumavalavan. Besides the dialysis centre, the hospital also boasts of a multifaceted ICU consisting of oncall intensivist, kind and efficient nurses who can handle such cases.