Care for Premature Baby – Important and Necessary

Allergic conditions may lead to the occurrence of chronic diseases in almost 20% of child population. They critically mess up with health and quality of life as well as lead to death in some cases. Paediatrician can help to overcome to allergies affecting children at rapid pace. It is important for parents to monitor their kid and follow regular medical visits.

The wide range of allergic disorders witnessed in children includes:

Anaphylaxis This is a severe, endangering, widespread or general hypersensitivity reaction prone to occur with following criteria such as:

  • sudden arrival and quick development of symptoms

  • Skin or mucosal problems

  • critical airway along with circulation or breathing problems

Rhinitis – A condition characterised by the occurrence of two or more of the symptoms such as:

  • sneezing

  • rhinorrhoea (watery, runny nose)

  • itching (conjunctivitis)

  • two-sided nasal obstruction (congestion)

Asthma A condition characterised by the occurrence of certain symptoms including wheezing and coughing, breathlessness and chest tightness. Asthma causes chronic inflammation leading to narrowing of airway that is unpredictable, but reversible. These symptoms may last for more than 1h per day on a regular basis.

Rhinitis This may be associated with symptoms affecting the ears, eyes, chest, throat, and sinuses.

Eczema Atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis is a condition of constant inflammatory itching on the skin caused in early childhood. It is usually a periodic disease of aggravation with flares to occur so often within 2 or 3 months and sometimes, it may be continuous.

Food Allergies It is defined as an immune-mediated allergic reaction to certain foods and may be classified into IgE-mediated reactions (immediate) and non IgE-mediated reactions (delayed). IgE refers to Immunoglobulin E.

Angio-oedema Angio-oedema is a condition characterised by:

  • sudden, distinct swelling on the lower subcutis and dermis, may be pale instead of pink and painful instead of itching

  • constant involvement below mucous membranes

Latex Allergy – It is defined as an immune-mediated allergic reaction to all latex products such as balloons, sporting equipment, gloves, surgical catheters, etc.

Mastocytosis It is a heterogeneous type of disorder featured by abnormal cell growth and gathering of mast cells (MC) in more than one organ systems. Cutaneous mastocytosis (CM) in children can be diagnosed depending on distinctive histological and clinical skin lesions and without systemic involvement.

Venom allergy It is defined as an immune-mediated immediate reaction to venom. This category comprises wasp and bee venom allergy, seem to be the most common ones.

If parents are not sure whether their kid is subjected to an allergic reaction, they can consult doctor for enrolling allergy testing.

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